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Why Your Small Business Needs A Creative Strategist


I know what you’re thinking, “Creative Strategist is just another fancy industry term that tries to claim ownership for something solopreneurs and small businesses already do.”

But hold on…  It’s been my experience working with this business demographic that this simply isn’t true.

TRUTH:  Most individuals who have a small business are either a planner OR a creative.  Very few are both.


It’s common knowledge that planners use the left side of their brain.  You know… the rational side that’s good at analytics, metrics, facts, rules, patterns, logic, and details.  Skills and abilities that are important in business but not the stuff that attracts the clients you are excited to work with.

Creatives come in when it’s time to engage and build an emotional connection with your ideal clients.   These individuals utilize the right side of their brain. You know… the emotional side that’s good at imagination, communication, visual concepts, intuition, risks, insight, innovative outside the box thinking.

This person knows how to make an offering compelling for someone who is hearing the idea for the first time. It’s not enough to just explain what the program includes– the reader must be seduced by the storytelling. Creatives tend to be savvy with the words, images, examples, and data they select to create an offering that brings the program to life.


Small businesses with a desire to be financially successful and attract and engage with their ideal clients need to use both sides of the brain.  The problem lies in that small businesses and solopreneurs don’t often have the cash flow to bring on an employee to fill that gap and make up the other half.  That’s where a creative strategist comes in.

It’s like taking ½ of a planner and ½ of a creative and putting them together generating a magical superpower that has the unique ability to see not only the big picture of the plan, project or goal, but also how to connect the dots to get where you want to be and what it will literally look like when it’s done.  The best part is this person doesn’t have to be an employee to be on your team.

A Creative Strategist has skills and experiences that make them unique in their abilities and a powerful resource for any business.  Working with them on a contract basis will typically be more of a financial investment than what you will experience working with a virtual assistant but a good one is worth their weight in gold.  And let’s face it… it’s cheaper than a full-time employee.


When my clients initially approach me they usually know that there’s something they’d like to be doing differently in their marketing or in their products/service offerings.  Although the desires may be different for each person, one thing is the same:   they have a hard time articulating what it is.  They are often paralyzed by the feeling of not knowing what to do or how to do it so they do nothing.

Does that sound familiar?

How would you answer these questions:

  • Is it difficult for you to articulate and/or picture every step that needs to happen to complete a project or plan?
  • Is there something you know you “should” be doing but you are unable to articulate why or how?
  • Do you have trouble visualizing how to offer or design your brand or products and services?
  • Is it difficult to identify which current content offerings would make viable options for additional revenue?
  • Do you struggle with repurposing your content to create new digital marketing?
  • Do you find it hard to bring emotional connection into your marketing language?
  • Would you like your business to be filled with clients you love to work with and who bring you joy?

If you answered YES to any of these questions you may benefit from working with a Creative Strategist.   Someone who is strategic enough to help you develop your plan on how to make it happen and who is creative enough to provide you with an emotional connection to your ideal clients.


As a Creative Strategist with a professional coaching background, I offer another layer of value to my clients.  For example, some of my clients aren’t able to articulate with clarity what they want to achieve.   That’s where the coaching comes in and the purpose of my Creative Strategy Sessions. 

Creative Strategy Session Infographic

Discovery –

The whole process starts with a phone call. During this call, I listen very carefully while my clients articulate their vision for their business, why they love what they do and the value they bring to their clients, along with any specific challenges and frustrations they’re having. This is not a one-sided conversation. As a professional coach, it’s my job to ask probing questions and gently guide my client to get to the heart of the matter. What do they REALLY want?

Goal Definition –

In most cases the call will include picking a specific goal and drilling down on defining exactly what it is and why it’s important. This includes being brave and setting specific deadline dates.

Plan Development –

This is one of the most important components of the call and where the “strategy” comes in. On the call we’ll work together to establish a specific plan with all the components needed to fully step into achieving the established goal. This plan will include the HOW, WHAT, and how you want your reader to FEEL.  My VIP clients experience the same flow with the addition of multiple calls, assistance with implementation, and ongoing support and accountability.

Measure –

We will define the measurement method to judge the success of the plan and its components. Whether your desired outcome is new leads, FB stats, email marketing open rates, newsletter signups, or new clients or customers we will determine the best way to measure success. We will also talk about ways to course correct if things aren’t going as planned.

If you choose the one hour Creative Strategy Session call with no contract or obligation for additional purchase, or you choose to take it to the next level and become a Creative Strategy VIP client you’ll walk away with clarity around WHO your ideal client is, WHAT you want to achieve and HOW you’re going to get there and how your potential clients/customers will FEEL along the way.  Not to mention a solid plan on how to measure your success.

As you consider what you want to build and create within your own business, give some thought as to what your skills and natural talents are.  Are those qualities helping your business grow and connect with the people you ideally want to reach?  If not, consider how a Creative Strategist could fill the gaps and fast track you for radical results.  In most cases outsourcing the projects that aren’t in your lane of genius can free up valuable resources i.e. time, money, energy, etc so you can focus on the business growing things that you love to do and are good at.


January 7, 2019

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