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What Do Your Followers REALLY Want To See?

When was the last time you posted on social media or shared with your email list about something that your followers really want to see?

Sure, they may enjoy your latest post about the new technology you have or the course you’ve created for them, or the motivational quote that is sure to inspire, but when’s the last time you spoke to their heart…

… authentically from YOUR heart?

Your audience craves and yearns to “know” you on a deeper and more meaningful level.  This doesn’t mean you have to share the most private parts of your personal life, but rather share more of what makes you unique and human.

Which is why today, I wanted to give you a few ideas that you can use to break the “sales mode” (Hello Holidays) to share what we’re all wanting from our social media follows: To connect.

What life lesson are you learning right now?

How did you grow from it? What brought it on? Can you take that and apply it to your everyday life? How can your audience apply it to their lives? Let it out!

What is genuinely going well & how are you celebrating?

It is much harder than you thought to truly celebrate yourself.  You need a group so it’s time to share. Take time to let your successes sink in and go to celebration town on yourself. It’s time to take back our wins and share!

Where are you headed?

Going into 2019 (Yes… I said 2019!!) this is the perfect time to talk about what’s on your creation list and heart.  Ask your audience what you can do to help them achieve their goals and dreams next year.

Are you making limoncello out of those lemons?

Taking a negative glitch and spinning it into something beautiful is a tool that most of us need to be reminded to use more often. Be the light for others and yourself, even when it’s hard. Bringing things back to a positive place will help your progress and inspire others.

Relate to your followers.

Is there a TV show you’re raving about or book you can’t put down that you can relate back to something going on in your life? Keep it light. Keep it fun. Keep it human!

Remember…  In the end, it’s all about the lives you’ve touched and bringin’ it back to a true human to human connection.

Here’s to doing things with more authenticity and heart!

December 3, 2018

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