Outsourcing: Is it a good option for you?

Outsourcing: Is it a good option for you?

There’s no doubt that connecting and engaging with your dream client is a must do in your business and that content marketing is an important part of your marketing strategy to make that happen.

Businesses that blog regularly and use email marketing and social media effectively see more web traffic and experience powerful engagement with their target audience than those that don’t — but you might be asking “Where does the content come from?”

Content marketing costs around 60% less than other tactics, and generates 3 times as many leads.

Fact: Small businesses and solopreneurs struggle with lack of resources, including copywriters and designers to help with graphics and website development to name a couple. This is the primary obstacle to passionate business owners who want to ramp up their content marketing.

Outsourcing these things can get results

When it comes to getting “the biggest bang for the buck,” outsourcing content creation or content repurposing often pays for itself, yet many small businesses are still resistant to the idea of paying someone else to do this for them.


  1. Lack of skillsYou’ve worked hard and hustled your way to small business success. Celebration break: Yay!!

    You also know it could be so much more with the right marketing message but you don’t really have the skills to write copy that engages and converts or to create cohesive branding through your graphics. That doesn’t mean those skills can’t be learned, and that you can’t be involved in the creative process, but if the thought of writing and designing doesn’t light you up, it’s probably better left to someone who does have that flame.

  2. You Don’t Have the BudgetOutsourcing content creation and brand management costs money — but in most cases, what you will spend to outsource projects is far less than hiring a full-time content/brand manager. For example, a full-time, experienced creative manager can command a salary of more than $40,000 per year; whereas a freelancer working on a campaign or project basis, or even on retainer can help you not only build a great brand presence, but also create content that drives traffic.
  3. You Don’t Have the TimeThis is probably the number one reason for a lack of great content marketing. It takes time to develop a strategy, never mind researching and developing content. And since the world of content marketing is always in flux, it can be a challenge to keep your finger on the pulse of trends or produce content “on-the-spot.” Outsourcing that job prevents missed opportunities.
  4. Your Content Is Out of Date 

    You developed a content strategy — a few months or even years ago. But the last time you posted on your blog was more than six months ago — we won’t even mention your social media platforms. If you haven’t updated your content in a while, regardless of the reason, outsourcing can get you back on track and up-to-date. You most likely can repurpose the gold mine of greatness you’ve already done into new and fresh content.

  5. Your Content Isn’t Getting ResultsThis might be the best reason to outsource your content creation. If it’s just not working, and you aren’t engaging and connecting with your target audience, hiring an expert to help can make all the difference. They know how to communicate your goals, vision and voice and will use them to your advantage.



Outsourcing doesn’t mean hands off for you.

There are definitely companies and individuals that will write everything for you, but I would argue that if authentic and powerful messaging are included your marketing goals, you take a different route. The best outsourcing relationships are those that co-create content. What does that mean?

Your content creator isn’t a miracle worker. They need your ideas, vision, goals, personal touch etc to really dig into your brand voice and project it in a powerful and authentic way. Then working together you modify and tweak efforts along the way to ensure alignment with your business’s vision, core values, and goals.

What’s your role in this relationship?

Provide clear instructions. The more detailed and thorough the directions that you provide to creators, the better the results.

Provide detailed feedback. Not every piece of content will hit the mark on the first try, but when you provide more specific feedback, the number of required rounds of edits will decrease.

Expect to invest some time in content. You cannot hand off the task and expect results; you need to help with ideas and execution. (repeating this one because yes… it’s THAT important)

Outsourcing can get your marketing efforts on track and improve your results. Take an honest look at your current marketing strategy, and if you need to, get some outside help. I’m happy to help answer any questions.


Have you thought about outsourcing? What stops you from pulling the trigger?

July 18, 2018

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