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My Big Bold & Brave Clients

It is hard enough to start a business on your own, let alone when you are your own worst enemy!

However, Mindy helped me to recognize these feelings for the gremlins that they are and to put them back in their place instead of allowing them to interfere with my goals.

Mindy is a compassionate person and cares deeply, and those are great qualities to have on your side. I am more confident because of my coaching with Mindy. Hiring her is one of the best decisions I made personally and professionally.

~ Lisa Spradley

I have worked with Mindy multiple times through very difficult life changing events.

Mindy helps me transform my life. When I can’t figure out how to make it happen, working with her helps me make it happen.

Mindy helps guide and direct me to fulfill my purpose. She gives real tools, knowledge and support when I need it the most. I will work with Mindy again and again!

~ Dana Moss

I met Mindy in June of 2014. At the time, I had just taken over an Office Manager role in the practice I had been with for over 6 years.

Meeting Mindy was a blessing! Mindy helped me to be a leader in the office and not just a manager.

I would highly recommend Mindy. She connects with you on such a positive level and encourages you to be such a strong leader from the inside out.

~ Alicia Johansen

I started from the place of a woman with an empty cup… having always been taken from and never taking.

Mindy asked the questions that got me thinking. Through that time of thought, I have been able to see what has been in my own heart the whole time.

She will forever have my gratitude for teaching me to increase my GIVE to myself and then to others

~ Melanie Duncan

Mindy has helped me to define and understand the vision and goals I have for my company.

She got me to have some “ah ha” moments, clarify what was holding me back, and set a course that has allowed me to grow professionally as well as personally.

Her kind and humorous way of walking me through that process was an amazing experience. I am grateful that I was able to work with her. I count Mindy as a blessing in my life and I know she will be a blessing in yours!

~ Theresa Sheppard RDA

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