Book a Virtual Coffee Date with Mindy…  It’s time.

If you:


Feel stuck or unsure

but aren’t sure where to start


Say yes to things

you secretly wanted to say no to


Aren't energized

by your life

You are not alone

I know you.  You have this feeling of longing in your soul.  Something that has been pulling at you for quite some time but you may not be able to put your finger on what “it” is.  You just know there has to be something more.  


Maybe it’s taking a big step in your personal life or career, maybe it’s a strong need for clarity and direction towards your big What’s Next?, maybe it’s making significant changes in your everyday life, or maybe it’s busting through your negative self talk that’s been holding you back.


Please feel my words…  You are not alone.

It’s time to explore and begin

If you’ve never worked with me before and have been curious about the benefits of coaching, this is your chance to experience it first hand from the comfort of where ever you choose.  


I’ve helped my executive coaching clients achieve this level of fulfillment and I want to help you too.


This is 100% free.  My treat.

You + Me + 30 minutes of Laser Focus = Breakthrough Vision and Clarity

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