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Mindy Altermatt is a captivating executive coach and authenticity champion who has the research, education, and real-life experience to put behind everything she shares with her audiences.

Only by taking a long hard look inward did Mindy breakthrough her chameleon-like behaviors and fully step into an authenticity and way of being that propelled her to her purpose. Now she works with other brilliant heart-centered leaders who are on a journey of exploration in their own unique sense of balance and success.

Mindy’s programs are filled with heart touching stories, thought provoking activities, and the right amount of humor that leaves audiences feeling empowered and with the permission and practical skills and tools they need to be more authentic, intentional, and balanced in every area of their lives.

What meeting planners and attendees are saying

Mindy was a great addition to the 2013 Rocky Mountain Dental Convention educational program. Her course was extremely well received by our attendees and she was a joy to work with during the planning phase.

Shelly D Fava, CMP; Director of Convention Events, Metro Denver Dental Society

With her own unique style—one that is confident, relatable and engaging — Mindy has presented numerous webinars for AADOM that have received rave reviews. However, it is in presenting live events that Mindy truly shines!

Her poise and delivery are of a caliber not found in the average dental industry speaker. Mindy is flexible, positive and a joy to work with. I highly recommend Mindy Altermatt as a speaker

Heather Colicchio; Founder & President American Association of Dental Office Managers

Mindy Altermatt’s course at our AADOM conference was one of the most energetic and uplifting courses! It really inspired me to come back and Work closer with my team!

She showed us ways to work together as a group and not individuals to achieve a common goal. I would strongly recommend your ENITRE office taking one of her courses in order to learn together!

Trish Lewis-Clark; FAADOM, OMOD

Mindy brings a confident and calming presence that allows her to instantly connect with those that she’s speaking to—but the real treat is the wealth of knowledge and experience Mindy brings to the field of dentistry, she always has real and practical solutions to the issues that face our dental office.

Kimberly McCleskey; FAADOM Owner True North Dental Consulting

Mindy is a consummate professional. Her organic excellence resonates in every project, presentation and educational offering she presents. I would highly recommend Mindy as a speaker, educator, mentor and friend… she is ‘good people’.

Lorie Streeter; Executive Vice President American Association of Dental Office Managers

“Sometimes you have to create what you want to be a part of”

~Mindy Altermatt

Featured Programs

Drowning in Stress? Save YOURSELF!

Drowning in Stress? Save YOURSELF!

Today’s business leader struggles to balance their wants, desires, and needs from both home and career. They are drowning in a sea of To-Do lists and obligations that are leaving them feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

This program is designed to give attendees three concrete, actionable steps that will provide a radical shift from exhausted to energized.

Attendees will walk away with the resources and tools they need to get started TODAY. We are talking about BIG vision, BOLD action, and BRAVE accountability people and it’s POWERFUL.

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Shift from Manager to Leader!

Shift from Manager to Leader!

Making the shift from manager to leader is an internal process. It is about seeing yourself as a leader, and then behaving in ways that allow others see you as a leader, too.

In this course we will talk about the three steps to take when you are ready to uplevel your leadership game and the connection with your team.

We are talking about BIG vision, BOLD action, and BRAVE accountability. Attendees will leave this course with proven strategies and powerful tools that they can use immediately to begin their own personal shift.

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Why fitting in is overrated!

Why fitting in is overrated!

Many of us are doing our best to blend in. We go out of our way to fit in and accommodate those around us.

It is time to embrace the parts of you that make you unique and learn what your natural gifts are and start sharing them with the world!

As a recovering chameleon, this is one of my favorite topics to talk about. We are talking about BIG vision, BOLD action, and BRAVE accountability. Attendees of this program will leave this course fully understanding why embracing their uniqueness will enhance their lives and lead to more fulfillment and balance.

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**Each program can be adjusted in length and engagement level to meet the unique needs of the meeting planner and event.

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