About Mindy

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mindy altermatt

I’m Mindy Altermatt and it’s my goal to make a difference in the lives of women who are stressed, uncertain, stuck or overwhelmed.


As an executive coach, speaker, and authenticity champion I will be your guide to designing, creating and living a life you love. I believe that every person is worthy and capable of living a life laced with purpose and passion.

You’re not here to continue doing the same thing and get the same results. You’re here to begin your BIG BOLD and BRAVE journey of radical change.

“Guiding ambitious heart-centered, women to create a life they love is my purpose and passion.”

~Mindy Altermatt

My Story

I wasn’t always this happy. Not so long ago I was a recovering pleaser. I just about wore myself out trying to make everyone in my life and career happy. My days were filled with the tasks and activities that were the priority of others and I had very little time and energy to devote to the things that had heart and meaning for me. I wasn’t even sure if I knew what those things were.

I realized I did NOT want my entire life dictated by someone else’s dreams and visions and I decided to pave my own way toward newfound freedom. I took a step back and focused on me.

I got clear about my vision for what I wanted my life to look and feel like. I worked with an amazing coach, got clear on my values, purpose, and dreams. I began to watch my whole world transform. I am now living a life defined by my own unique definition of balance and success. I’m here to help you do the same.

If you’re ready to turn your dreams into your reality, I’m ready to be a part of your journey.

I want you to have a life that you love and to live every day on your own terms.

Be Big, Bold & Brave.

It’s Time.


Casual, complimentary 30-minute call. Just me, you, a cup of coffee or tea and your dreams. Are you ready?


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